I'm planning on switching over to medium format pretty soon and I'm hoping you can give me some advice. Mamiya or Hasselblad? Where do you think I can snag the best deal? Would you recommend the rz67? Anything else to caution me about? I've already been doing a shit ton of research but your opinion would be nice. I definitely respect your work dude. from willliu-shit

Tough question. The thing about old film medium format cameras is that the camera really doesnt matter since you’re shooting in film. Mamiya’s and Hassies each have their own unique pros and cons so whichever one u hold in your hand and feels the best would be the one I would go for. The one you think u can picture yourself shooting with. The one you search on amazon or ebay the most. Hassies will definitely run more expensive than the rz67 and the 6x6 format of the Hassie is a unique tool that really makes you compose carefully since its a square. The rz67 is pretty heavy but its a nice kind of heavy. Hassies are reputed to have amazing quality glass, but then again so is Mamiya. Go with your gut, and your wallet. Oh and hassies will give u 12 shots per roll versus the 10 shots i get on 6x7. i prolly forgot a lot of things but i mean if i could afford a Hasselblad, I would get one. Just cuz they’re gorgeous. haha and thank you.